Morris Area Climate Dialogue

The Jefferson Center and the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy are bringing citizens together through facilitated education, thoughtful deliberation, and community-driven action to promote the needs, concerns, and values of Morris community members in addressing extreme weather.

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See how we're advancing community conversations and action on extreme weather and climate, engaging community college students in political dialogue, and promoting diversity at the Minnesota Historical Society.

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We envision a democracy where citizens interact genuinely with public institutions, elected officials, community leaders, and one another.

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Interested in fostering informed, well-reasoned group input on complex issues? See how we help organizations improve constituent decision-making.

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What is a Citizens Jury?

What is a Citizens Jury? How does it help?

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The mission of the Jefferson Center is to strengthen democracy by advancing informed, citizen-led solutions to public policy issues.

We work with communities to meaningfully engage complex policy issues, identify priorities on topics that matter most, craft innovative solutions to challenging issues, and uncover the individual and collective power to drive politics and initiate community action.

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