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Designing the future of democracy.

We’re unleashing the power of citizens by teaming up with nonprofits, universities, governments, and others to design and implement innovative, democratic solutions to today’s toughest challenges.

To create powerful solutions for our most complex problems, we need diverse thinkers with fresh perspectives. The Citizens Jury model, our method of democratic decision-making, provides citizens with the resources they need to lead transformational change.


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Participants receive background information from experts and local speakers.


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Participants discuss the problem with a diverse group of their peers.


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Participants recommend solutions for their community and decision makers.

From organizing to action, we help citizens strengthen their communities and influence the institutions and systems that shape their lives. Here’s what we’re working on now.

“Working with the Jefferson Center reaffirmed the value of informed patient perspectives and provided a versatile model for engaging patients and healthcare consumers.”
We’re advancing patient perspectives to create better health policy and improve health outcomes.
“If journalists are to reconnect with citizens, we need to listen to them negotiate tough issues. The Jefferson Center model does that.”
We’re strengthening community engagement by newsrooms to deliver better journalism.
“Many would likely wage a bet that a climate discussion would paralyze rural residents, divide them, and lead to more finger pointing than hand holding. But not here.”
We’re working with rural communities to proactively address climate disruptions and help communities thrive.
“This is a great opportunity to engage our citizens in finding solutions to real problems that affect the lives and futures of all residents in our state.”
We’re engaging community members to reform municipal electoral and governance structures.