Programs & Projects

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Climate & Community Resilience
Our Climate & Community Resilience program engages communities to address the local impacts of a changing climate and enhance community resilience. We work directly with community partners to identify key concerns, lead education and deliberation efforts to develop responses to the most critical issues, and support community members and local organizations in implementing their chosen solutions.

Rural Climate Dialogues
We’re helping local communities develop solutions to the threats of extreme weather and a changing climate.

World Wide Views on Climate and Energy
Twin Cities area residents will join thousands across the world to study and discuss the global implications of a changing climate.

Northeast Ohio Climate Engagement Initiative
We’re working with community members in Northeast Ohio to identify policy priorities related to the changing climate.

Patient Engagement & Patient Policy
Our Patient Engagement & Patient Policy program promotes new opportunities for patient engagement in clinical settings and expands patient participation in the development of policy for healthcare service providers and governments.

Patient Participation in Reducing Diagnostic Error
We’re utilizing patient participation to tackle one of the most challenging patient safety issues in US healthcare, errors in diagnosis.

A Deliberative Approach to Develop Autism Data Collection in Massachusetts
We’re developing engagement methods to promote participation among individuals on the autism spectrum in healthcare system decisions.

Medical Privacy Gets the Citizens’ Jury Treatment in Manchester, UK
We’re harnessing the understanding and ideas of citizens to create policy around the use of medical data for research purposes.


Campaigns, Governance, & Media
Our Campaigns, Governance, & Media program focuses on developing citizen-led models to advance more democratic, responsive campaigns and institutions and to strengthen the capacity of local media to build an informed and engaged electorate.

Minnesota Citizens’ Assembly Project
We’re supportinging citizens as they evaluate the health of their current city government, and examine proposals to improve governance.

Informed Citizen Akron
We’re uniting voters and media to promote a more civil, substantive campaign discourse in the nation’s most contested electoral battleground.

Twin Cities Election Forum
We’re increasing understanding across the partisan divide among Twin Cities residents of various political affiliations.

Up for Debate Akron
We’re exploring the best ways to engage young people in politics and civic life.

Student Civic Leadership at Minneapolis Community & Technical College
We’re working with MCTC students as they develop civic leadership skills through public deliberation and civic engagement.

Exploring Engagement with Public Officials
We’re exploring how civic engagement and dialogue and deliberation practitioners cultivate and sustain relationships with elected officials and other professionals involved with policy development.

Minnesota Historical Society – Inclusion & Community Engagement
We’re working alongside MNHS staff and the History Museum Diversity Fellows as they develop the strategic framework for the creation of the nation’s first Department of Inclusion and Community Engagement at MNHS.